Brand Identity and Landing Page Design

My visual design course at General Assembly is finished! I designed a brand identity and landing page for a global development organization, including audience research, color palettes, typefaces, and web and mobile mockups.

Explore a high-quality presentation by clicking the image below or a compressed version here.

Here's my landing page mockup. If you'd like to experience it like a real website, view the image at full size.

It's far from perfect, of course. See that wonky grid? Those ragged paragraph edges? That slightly illegible white text?

But I'm shifting my focus to the next phase of my project -- a real-life landing page redesign. Following interviews with colleagues, discussions with web developers, and prototyping in InVision, I hope to implement a variation of this mockup in real life.

I strongly recommend General Assembly to other career pivoters -- particularly in Washington, D.C. I love the mission on their Twitter account: "GA transforms DC's thinkers into creators."