Communicating Results

This week, I wrapped up a particularly satisfying project: the revision and redesign of  thematic notes that illustrate the impact of the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery's grants and advisory services in more than 80 countries. You can view a few of the notes here:


To collect the data cited in the notes, I collaborated with GFDRR's technical specialists, reviewed our annual report, and analyzed our grants database. I also worked with Groff Creative, a graphic design firm in Silver Spring, to refresh the maps, images, and overall design of the note.

I enjoyed this project because it involved a little bit of everything -- writing, copy-editing, research, design, and project management. Additionally, it was great practice for learning how to communicate results: At an organization like GFDRR, where we tend to throw around buzzwords like "resilient recovery" and "leveraging" to describe our work, it is especially important to share our success stories in a way that non-World Bank and international readers can easily understand.